Training necessary and you get to see the show for FREE!


Smiling faces needed and you get to see the show for FREE!


Pass out programs and you get to see the show for FREE!

Whatever your talent or preference, we have a place for you!

The ACT Volunteer Guild provides volunteer support for Allen’s Community Theatre, the non-profit community theatre in Allen, TX.  It is a vital component of our organization and serves as our “Behind-the-Scenes Team.”  Its purpose is to assist with the multitude of tasks required to bring a production to life.  Every scene, every line, every emotion on stage is backed by the shadow of this group of amazing volunteers.  Beyond volunteering, becoming  member of the Guild has other perks such as community service hours, a further insight into the theatre environment, and counts as work and theatre experience.  This is also an excellent opportunity to gain real world knowledge of theatre operations as well as donate valuable time to the local theatre community.  And besides all of that, you’ll get to work with a great group of people and have a lot of fun!  

Email us and let us know how you would like to be part of something dramatic!

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